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Trumpet Educators Initiative

The Trumpet Educators Initiative (TEI) is a consortium of trumpet professionals led by Drs. Flint Angeroth Franks, Julia Bell, and Elijah Denecke. The TEI is focused on commissioning new works that can benefit a wide range of trumpeters. Composer MJ Halco-Haack has been commissioned by the consortium to create a new piece for intermediate trumpet ensemble. 

MJ Halco-Haack is a composer from Chicago, Illinois. Halco- Haack composes for chamber ensemble, concert band, and film, and enjoys exploring new genres and instrumentations. Her work has been performed and premiered around the United States as well as internationally. Most recently, Halco-Haack enjoyed the world premiere of her piece Iowan Vignette in Belgrade, Serbia in 2023. In 2022, her collaborative work Together, Triumphant was performed in Rochester, MI, in partnership with the initiative And We Were Heard. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Music Composition from Northern Illinois University in 2015, and a Master's in Music Composition from George Mason University 2018. She studied composition with Dr. Ted Hatmaker, Professor Mark Camphouse, and Dr. Jesse Guessford, and studied euphonium with Charlie Schuchat and Dr. Mark Jenkins.


The Commission

Length: 5-8 minutes

Instrumentation: 5 B flat Trumpets

Style: Programmatic

Difficulty: Intermediate 

Registration Cut Off: May 17th, 2024

Delivery Date: Sept. 3rd (Digital)

Cost: Student- $50; Professional-$75; Institution-$125

Exclusivity Period Until March 17th, 2025

About the Composer and Commission

Meet the Consortium Leaders!


Flint Angeroth Franks

Dr. Jason Aylward
Julia Bell

Michael S. Brown Jr.

Josh Decker

Elijah Denecke

Benjamin Dubbert

Dr. Benjamin Hay

Christopher Keach

Angela King

Jack Lyons

Max Meigel

Matthew Onstad

Jared A. Ragsdale

Amanda Ross

Wiff Rudd

Mary Thorton

Richard Tirk

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