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Since teaching his first trumpet lesson as a junior in high school, Flint has been called to music education. Flint has worked in a variety of educational settings, from conducting 5th-12th grade bands to teaching collegiate trumpet lessons. Whether he is on the football field teaching marching  drill, or on his laptop giving an online lesson, Flint believes that when students are given the right tools, their potential is almost limitless, both in music and life. 

This belief in student potential is why Flint works as a teacher. To help students find success, Flint offers private trumpet lessons to students of any age.  Students interested in starting lessons are encouraged to request a trial lesson in order to find out for themselves if Flint is the right instructor to help them reach their goals. 

How Lessons are Priced 

When paying for a lesson, not only are you paying for the time spent by the instructor, but you are paying for a personalized education experience. Just like a car mechanic uses different tools for different situations, music teachers have spent their careers finding and often creating the best educational tools to help students succeed. Each student is unique, and each lesson is too. That is why Flint personalizes each lesson to help the individual student grow as much as possible during the session. Scholarships and financial aid for lessons are available on a case-by-case basis. 

The Differences with Online and In-Person, and a Half Hour vs a Full Hour

If you or your student is in elementary school or middle school, half-hour lessons are likely the best length to match learning needs of the student. For trumpeters looking to get the most out of trumpet lessons, hour long, in-person lessons are recommended. This allows for in-depth sessions that can cover wider range of concepts and more material than a half hour session could. The in-person element allows for a better assessment of sound quality and more ease in adjusting any physical habits that may be impeding a student's playing.  

While the in-person, hour long lessons are recommended, virtual lessons lessons are still beneficial, especially for those where geographical distance is a significant factor. These lessons can help focus more on the technical side of playing the trumpet, while still allowing for in-depth learning. Half hour lessons are great value for students who may not have the time for a full hour, but are driven and know exactly what they want feedback on. 

Whatever your skill level is, lessons are the best way to get you to the next level! 


Trial Lessons

Virtual- $35/ In-person- $40

Trial Lessons are 1 hour, and  assess where a student is at and where they'd like to go with their playing.

Image by Mathias Reding

 1/2 Hour Lessons

Virtual- $40/ In-person- $45

Half Hour lessons are best for students with not a lot of time but great drive to improve! 

Image by Joseph Hersh

Hour Lessons

Virtual- $55/ In-person- $65

Hour Lessons allow for in-depth focus at all aspects of playing, from sound quality to articulation to repertoire. 

Sign Up for Lessons Today!

If you'd like to sign up for lessons or need more information, please enter your information below so Flint can get back to you! If you'd like see lesson policies click on the following link: Lesson Policies.

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