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The Classical Trumpet Tradition of Serbia

Brass in the Balkans

In December of 2022, Flint traveled to Novi Sad, Serbia, to conduct research on Serbia's classical trumpet tradition. This research is the basis for his doctoral treatise at Florida State University. While in Serbia, Flint taught masterclasses throughout the country, interviewed notable Serbian trumpeters such as Mladen Djordjević, Nenad Marković, Jovan Savić, and Saša Dragović, and performed solo recitals and on a studio recital with the University of Novi Sad Trumpet Studio.  

Photos from my time Serbia


Flint's treatise, titled "The Serbian Trumpet Tradition: An Overview of the History, Repertoire, and Pedagogy of Classical Trumpet in Serbia", is a great resource for any trumpeter or musician interested in Serbia's trumpet culture. Covering topics from the Serbian trumpet method books to popular Serbian composers, this treatise is the perfect starting point to learn about the diversity and depth of Serbia's trumpet tradition. 

The Serbian Trumpet Tradition:

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